Workshop cycles within Superdad campaign coming to a successfull end

With less than two months left until the end of the project MenCare – engaging men in achieving gender equality in Međimurje workshop cycles in Čakovec, Prelog, Kuršanec and Macinec are successfully coming to an end.

Project MenCare – engaging men in achieving gender equality in Međimurje, which started in July 2015 and has been implemented in cooperation with the Institute of Public Health Međimurje County and Center for Social Welfare Čakovec, is nearing its end. During the course of the project we have encouraged men to become equal, active and nonviolent fathers and caregivers while stressing values of involved fatherhood and gender equality.   

As of today, the project has covered 153 beneficiaries, more than 50 volunteers and 29 facilitators who have conducted 42 workshops.

After a three day capacity building seminar for Program P was held at the end of September 2015, workshop cycles have started in November in Kuršanec and Prelog.

We can announce with pleasure that workshop cycle in Kuršanec has successfully come to an end with 16 facilitators involved in conducting 12 workshops in Family Center Kuršanec. Activities have covered 43 beneficiaries in total, mostly young fathers and future fathers from the local Roma national minority. Workshops were conducted by experts from Institute of Public Health Međimurje County, Center for Social Welfare Čakovec, primary schools Kuršanec and Pribislavec, County Hospital Čakovec, Association „Sfera“ and Police Station Čakovec.



At the same time last year, we have started with the workshop cycle in Prelog which is coming to an end this week. In total, 16 facilitators were involved in conducting 12 workshops in Intergenerational Center – Children´s House Prelog. In total, 49 beneficiaries were covered, with emphasis on young couples, while workshops were held by experts from Center for Social Welfare – Family Center Čakovec, Institute of Public Health Međimurje County, Association RODA and County Hospital Čakovec – all with the organizational support of Youth Association Efekt and Youth Advisory Board Prelog.  Library and Reading Room Prelog and Society „Our Children“ Prelog have also supported the project.



At the beginning of 2016 workshop cycles in Primary school Macinec and Club of Treated Alcoholics „Dr. Mato Golubić“ in Čakovec have started.

According to the Manual P, in total 11 workshops were held in Macinec with young fathers from the local Roma community in Parag. With the extraordinary effort and commitment of two facilitators, Primary school Macinec employees, in total 18 fathers have participated. Interest has been shown in creating a so-called network of fathers with the goal of continuing their gatherings and socializing.

Fourth cycle in a series has been conducted within the Club of Treated alcoholics in Čakovec where in total 9 workshops have been held. Workshops were conducted by experts on the field of alcoholism and 43 beneficiaries have been covered – men and women of mixed age groups (29 to 71 years of age).

Final workshop cycle will be conducted in May within the Be a Man Club Čakovec and it will cover around 10 beneficiaries – high school teenagers from Building school Čakovec.

Workshops are being conducted according to the Manual P – manual for engaging men in fatherhood and care about mothers and childrens health – authors are nongovernmental organisations Promundo, CulturaSalud and REDMAS.

In March 2016, at the main square of Čakovec, we have celebrated Father`s Day by promoting values of Supertata campaign, while stressing that true gender equality can only be achieved when men are involved not as helpers but as equal partners in childcare and domestic work. 



The project is carried out through EEA and Norway grants, coordinated by National Foundation for Civil Society Development.


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The CARE international provides additional support.



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