Status M work as inspiration for Global education initiative by UNESCO

Role of Global Citizenship Education (GCED) in Fostering Youth Peacebuilders

Global education initiative is a movement for assuring that  every child and young person is the citizen of the world by implementing standards for education, as part of the Global Citizen Initiative started by UN SG Ban Ki Moon.

Education can offer knowledge and skills to help develop values and attitudes that prevent conflict and build peace. Global Citizenship Education (GCED), one of the three priorities of the Secretary-General’s „Global Education First Initiative“ (GEFI), has been cited in various international forums, for its critical role in violence prevention and forging peace by engaging learners to explore values such as human rights, social justice, equality, dignity and respect, and attitudes such as understanding cultural, religious, ethnic and other differences.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon recognized the importance of including youth in peacebuilding processes; “Youth organizations could play a powerful role in peacebuilding around the world but only if the international community helped to scale up their activities and invest in their ideas, and we have to encourage young people to take up the causes of peace, diversity, and mutual respect.”


Focus of the UNESCO event held in UN Headquarters on September 10 – 11 was preventing violence through working with youth.  Status M has presented the work supported by Care International named the Young Men Initiative – a program reaching more than 30000 young men in the prevention of violence and promotion of gender equality  since 2006, taking place in Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Kosovo, Serbia and since recently also Albania.

The work done in Croatia was presented as positive practice example of institutionalization of Program H methodology in Croatia and the region – the  methodology created by Promundo for implementation in more than 20 countries around the world.  Promundo US was invited to present their work as special guest in three separate sessions, and work through the YMI Be a man clubs was highlighted as the best practice in working with young men.

This was also a chance to present the IMAGES research, implemented by CESI in Croatia in 2012, as part of the multicountry study carried  so far in 20+ countries around the globe. Then International men and gender equality survey continues to be strong baseline for programming with men and advocacy tool for supporting engagement of men in GBV prevention.

Informed by  IMAGES Croatia findings (CESI, 2012),  Status M is now launching  MenCare Campaign in Međimurje county in Croatia, as part of the Care International run regional campaign SUPERTATA in cohesion with the  global MenCare movement under way in 35+ countries. SUPERTATA is  operated in Croatia through EEA and Norway grants, coordinated by National Foundation for Civil Society Development.

Status M continues to be a global example of high standard GBV prevention work with  menm, with strons impact on community reconciliation and building social capital.

Join the Global Education Initiative through following the work of Status M, SUPERTATA campaign and the YMI.

UN will!

Video link (1:35:48-1:57:45)

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