MenCare seminar in Međimurje County

Status M delivered a one day seminar named ‘Men as caregivers and involved fathers’ in cooperation with the Institute of Public Health County of Međimurje in town Čakovec.

The seminar gathered 30 professionals from the Institute of Public Health County of Međimurje, County Hospital Čakovec, Center for Social Welfare and Psychological Center Čakovec, professors from the Faculty of Teacher Education University of Zagreb – Čakovec branch and High schools Čakovec, School of Civil engineering and School of Economics and Trade, as well as the teachers from Primary schools Nedelišće and Tomaša Goričanca Mala Subotica and employees of kindergarten Tikvica – Strahoninec.

Professors Andreja Bratinšćak and Zdenka Novačić have presented Be a Men Clubs within Student house of Civil engineering shool Čakovec and High school Valpovo.

Natko Gereš has introduced the participants with the international experiences of MenCare campaign, best practice examples and the working materials, and has presented the frameworks of Gender transformative programs and Ecological model. Natko has also run several interactive sessions based on methodology of Manual P – a Manual for Engaging Men in Fatherhood, Caregiving, and Maternal and Child Health.

In upcoming time of cooperation with local partners within County of Međimurje the adaptation of Program P and translation of manual P into Croatian language will be made, together with further promotion of MenCare campaign.

Seminar is supported by Care International and OAK Foundation.
(For more details check this link).

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