Youth organization Status M conducted a cycle of 10 workshops in Glina Penitentiary for seven men aged 21-29 years. The workshops were conducted as part of project called ‘Be a man, change the world – prevention of institutionalization of adolescents and capacity building of social welfare centers, correctional institutions and civil society organizations to work with young men’.

The aim of this workshop series was to prepare young men for fatherhood and encourage them to think about the future role of them as a father and the responsibility it brings. Besides topic of fatherhood, the participants were engaged in activities that involved topics as healthy lifestyles, gender equality, emotions and non-violence. Young men participated in more than 20 activities where through discussions, role playing, quizzes and videos, learned and practiced how to take care of themselves, their pregnant partner and young child, in what ways can they contribute in child care, how to raise a child in positive surrounding and guide him/her through childhood.

Since such a program was implemented in the prison environment for the first time, at the end of the workshops participants were involved in focus groups so we can evaluate their impressions and satisfaction with the activities carried out and the whole program as such. This will help to improve further creation and adaptation of the program intended for future fathers. Participants were overall happy with the workshops, they were interesting and helpful to them, and among conducted topics everyone found their own which they said it will help them when they get out.