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Zvonko's Quiz

Be a man, change the rules

Zvonko’s Quiz – Be a man, change the rules is educational activity in which with the help of materials developed in 2011, together with preventive police officer and school pupils we send positive messages related to the topic of bullying, dating violence and discrimination.


Project overview


  • Active


  • 2011-2015


  • Ministry of Interior
  • UN Office for the Development of Croatia
  • (Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, FilmClub Zagreb, CARE International)

We created three one-minute films that in the form of quiz We created three one-minute films, in the form of a quiz question violent and non-violent ways of resolving real conflicts, and invites viewers to choose non-violent way of resolving conflicts. Short movies in a fun way work on deconstructing hegemonic form of masculinity, which is lead by idea that men are naturally violent and that they became less of a man if they don’t drink, drive fast, behave healthy and respect human freedom.

This year the activity is being conducted as part of the campaign “Living Life without Violence” by Youth Organization Status: M carried out together with the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Croatia and UNDP Croatia. Activity is so far conducted in 30 primary schools in Zagreb, Varaždin, Split, Čakovec, Osijek, Šibenik, Koprivnica, Karlovac Požega, Dubrovnik, Virovitica, Bjelovar, Vukovar, Pula, Slavonski Brod, Kistanje and Rijeka. The workshop “Zvonko’s quiz” was attended by more than 2,000 students. Reactions have been positive every time and by the students and staff of schools in which we conducted the workshop. We are extremely proud that EUCPN (European Crime Prevention Network) assessed this form of cooperation with police as the best prevention program at the European level. The success of this methodology is recognized among other institutions in Croatia and this year we will also have the opportunity to continue implementing Zvonko’s quiz with the support of Ministry of Science and thus increase the number of cities, schools and students who will meet Zvonko and his quiz.


We started cooperating with police back in mid 2011th when we created 45-minute educational activity. We have developed a model of educational activities where peer educator and preventive police officer talk and discuss with students about discrimination, peer violence and violence in relationships and ultimately make a decision on the correct decision and send a positive message to young people.


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