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MenEngage network

global network of organizations in the process of building a gender-more equal society

MenEngage is a global network of organizations and UN agencies that work on involving young men and men in the process of building a gender-more equal society. Nationally, network members gather more than 400 associations and organizations from Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, Asia and Europe.


Project overview


  • Active


  • 2013-2016

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The network was launched in 2004 with the main aim of cooperative partnership in promoting the inclusion of men related to topics of health, gender equality and reducing violence on a global scale. The network is also engaged in questioning and analyzing structural obstacles in achieving gender equality.

Youth Organization Status: M in November of 2013 participated in a meeting of members of the global network MenEngage. The meeting, which was held that weekend brought together members of MenEngage network from Europe. MenEngage Europe was launched in 2009, however, the structure of the network members from Europe, which was then set by an increase in the number of members became inadequate, so in that meeting, besides from planning some future activities, created new structure that will act in the coming period, and successfully bring together all members of Europe.


You should know that Status: M will new achieved position use in order to maintain promoting our messages of tolerance, healthy lifestyles, non-violence, gender equality and respect, but this time at European level!


  • Men for Gender Equality, Sweden
  • Mens Development Network, Ireland
  • Rutgers WPF, Netherlands
  • Reform, Norway
  • Maenner, Switzerland
  • CARE International NW Balkans
  • Promundo, Portugal
  • Dissens, Poland/Germany
  • Women Peacemakers, Netherlands
  • MenEngage Global Secretariat, USA

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