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BMC Turopolje

Working with a group of 30 young men in Correctional Institution in Turopolje

With the permission of the Prison System Administration – Ministry of Justice, we also cooperate with Correctional Institution in Turopolje, where for several months we have been working with a group of 30 young men.


Project overview


  • Conducted


  • 2013-2014


  • Correctional Institution in Turopolje
  • Prison System Administration – Ministry of Justice of Republic of Croatia

Young men, residents of Institute are involved in series of 10 workshops (a total of 20 activities) over a period of four months.

Workshops are held on weekends for 2 hours and cover topics: gender equality, power relations, expressing emotions, negotiation in conflict situations, labeling, violence, understanding the cycle of violence, sexual violence, male honor, drugs and alcohol, activism,…

Our wish is that this pilot project would become a model according on which in future it would be possible, in case of success (in which we are assured), to create interventions, to be exact prevention program inside of educational institutes.

Expected results are better compliance of ward with staff, fewer tendencies for violent behavior, building support groups, reducing violent incidents, a better understanding of their own health, a higher level of motivation for engaging in processes of improving society.


The ultimate goal is that wards after leaving the institution take responsibility for their own lives, unencumbered by harmful expectations of their environment, strengthened by the process of learning about their own abilities and values, and grow in positive and responsible individuals. Our initiative enhances educational capacities and efforts of the Institute, and through the joint work this pilot project could result in reduction of the incidence of violence in the institution, and in the wider society.

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